Do the archetypes play a part in the Aware Ego Process?

Selves develop in two different ways. In a family system you are raised to be a certain way and this becomes the primary selfsystem. For instance, you are conditioned by circumstances to have a strong Pleaser. At the personality level, most of the selves we work with are essentially conditioned response patterns.

At a deeper level we have certain selves that are genetically based. They are akin to psychological instincts or patterns. We have parts of us that have the capacity to behave heroically and so we talk about the hero archetype. Sensuality is another such energy that is genetically or archetypally based. It can still be deeply affected by environmental training, but the core is archetypal. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Heinrich Zimmer write about these archetypes in very complete fashion. So the archetypes play a very important part in work of Voice Dialogue. We have the ability to work directly with archetypal energies. How much this is done will depend on the experience and the training of the facilitator. It greatly enhances the work because it gives us the ability to work directly with mythic energies as well as the more ordinary ones and this can lead to very rich kinds of exploration.


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