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Over the years we have been encouraged to trademark Voice Dialogue and to certify Voice Dialogue facilitators and teachers. We feel that our work belongs to everyone; it is a gift to us that we are passing on. We are happy to share our knowledge with those who come to study with us and we are happy for them to use it, to work creatively with it, and to pass it on.
As for certification, it is impossible to certify an Aware Ego process. For us, "who" is doing the facilitation or the teaching is even more important than the content or the form of what is taught. The best facilitators are ones who have not remained static and do not depend on something that was learned long ago, but have continued their own evolutionary process; they continue to work and study with others, to be facilitated, and to monitor their own dreams.

  • As its originators, we have never trademarked Voice Dialogue. It does not belong exclusively to anyone.
  • As the originators of Voice Dialogue, we do not support certification and we have never certified anyone.
  • Therefore, as far as we are concerned, there is no certified Voice Dialogue facilitator or teacher and no teacher or trainer qualified to certify others.

    In this section, we are listing individuals and groups who are working with Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves.

    For those of you who are listed here, please be sure that your own information is up to date and for both visitors and Voice Dialogue practitioners alike, do let us know at if there are any ways we can upgrade our service to you.


    It is a networking roster that will help you to link up with interesting and knowledgeable people from around the world to begin - or to continue - your own explorations.

    These do not represent recommendations. If you choose to contact someone on this list to work with, it is your responsibility to determine whether this is the right person for you. We suggest that you inquire about the depth and length of their training and their level of experience. If you are looking for a therapist, please be sure that the person you choose has an appropriate license. Most of all, it is important that you feel completely comfortable with your choice. Only you will know who is a good fit!

    Tamar Stone, one of our senior teachers and Hal Stone's daughter, is adminstering this section of our website. Please contact her for any assistance that you might need.
    She can be reached at:

    Enjoy your journey!
    Sidra Stone

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