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We want this to be like a real reading room, one in which you can browse through
our books and decide which you might want to read. We've included a chapter
from each book.

The Fireside Chats with Hal & Sidra Stone: "Awakening", the story of Sidra's "near death experience", the first step in her journey of consciousness.

Partnering: A New Kind of Relationship, we have chosen Chapter 9. "The
Top Ten Challenges to Relationship

Embracing Our Selves
we have chosen Chapter 2, "Disowned Selves: Our
Lost Heritage

The Shadow King, The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back, we have
chosen Chapter 1, "The Realm of the Shadow King."

Embracing Heaven and Earth, Hal's autobiography, we have chosen
Chapter 2, "Opening to the Inner World".

Embracing Your Inner Critic, we have chosen Chapter I, What is Your Inner Critic and Where Did It Come From?

Embracing Each Other, we have chosen Chapter 1, The Psychology of
; it gives a clear overview of the development of personality and our theory
of relationship.

From our basic "How Not To" book
You Don't Have to Write A Book
, we have
chosen Chapters 17 & 18 from Section IV, "Utilizing Interpersonal Relationships
as a Vehicle for Successful Procrastination
." We hope you enjoy reading it as
much as we enjoyed writing it!

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Awakening Partnering You don't have to write a book Embracing Our Selves
The Shadow King Embracing Heaven and Earth Embracing Your Inner Critic Embracing Each Other

psychology of the selves

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