Sidra L. Stone, Ph.D. - Private Tutorials

Sidra StoneI am currently available for consultations, mentoring, or tutorials with individuals, couples, or small groups already familiar with our work. My work incorporates Voice Dialogue, the bonding patterns in relationship, dreams, and the energetics of relationship. One of my particular interests is in helping therapists to understand and untangle the multiple knots of the transference relationship.

These meetings can be at my home office in Albion, California, or via the Internet and would be tailored to meet your specific interests or needs. Each session usually lasts from two to three hours and will be charged at an hourly rate for the time used.

For those interested in coming here to Thera and creating a retreat format, we have two lovely apartments available to rent. You can view these ▶here.

If you would like to explore this further, please write to me directly and let me know what you are interested in. Please tell me something about yourself, your life, your current interests, and why you would be coming here at this particular time. These consultations are arranged directly with me at:


psychology of the selves

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