Is the Aware Ego akin to "The Self" in Jungian Psychology?

In Jungian Psychology the Self is a name used to describe the deeper or non-ego states of being. When the Self activates it is seen as becoming the new guiding agency of the personality. The Aware Ego can embrace the Self and all that it contains but it also has the job of becoming aware of - and separating from - the primary selves and then learning how to use them in life in a new way. Primary selves are not bad things. A Pusher self is not a bad thing or a good thing. It will cause us much trouble if it continues to operate unconsciously in our lives. Once the Aware Ego is separate from the Pusher then this powerful energy can be used in new and very creative ways.

The five-disc The Aware Ego CD gives a thorough description of the Aware Ego process and a complete explanation of the difference between this and "The Self" in Jungian psychology.

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