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I am a curious explorer of human consciousness and how we can mutually benefit from taking a deeper look inside, as I quote on my web-page: "If you don't go within, you go without". This includes how we have been "programmed" from early childhood by our surroundings, and how we go through phases of development towards maturity, both as individuals and as living human systems/groups. Contrary to earlier beliefs, neuroscience have found our wonderful brain to have the potential to develop all through life (neuro-plasticity), and the discovery of mirror neurons give us new understanding of human interaction and communication. Turning 63 years in 2013, it is time for me to share more publicly (mainly through workshops and talks) from my life insights, learnings and experience, having been so fortunate as to learn from great international psychology- and human consciousness personalities.

Languages Spoken: Norwegian and English

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About This Practice

Practicing Since 1999

Areas of Interest: Discovering hidden potential, re-energizing burn-out candidates, group dynamics, couples challenges

Title/Field School Date
Master of Science, Business Administration, Economics and Finance Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen 1976
Professional Background
Executive Coach since 1999, and started own consultancy, Coràge, in 2002. Recommended by Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, the founders of Voice Dialogue.

Prior to 1999, many years of management and executive positions in Norwegian internationally oriented corporations. Last but not least, the position as General Manager of one of the major Law firms in Norway, Advokatfirmaet Schjødt.

My main interest and focus in life is how to encourage functional relationships and utilizing our energy towards constructive and meaningful goals.

I discovered Voice Dialogue in 1995, and saw it as a great tool for exploring human consciousness, awareness and potential. I have received more than 400 hours of Voice Dialogue training over a number of years, starting in 1997, both in Europe with various teachers and in California with the Stones. In 2005 I was on staff as assistant coach in one of the weekly intensive Voice Dialogue trainings held by the Stones.

Since starting as a consultant and executive coach I have had Voice Dialogue as one of my major tools and orientations. I have been coaching both teams and individuals, many thousand hours in total, including professional business settings and personal life coach sessions, the latter also including support to couples and their relationship challenges.

Since 2009 my interest and curiosity has increasingly moved me in the direction of understanding group and system dynamics - which could be expressed in the following hypothesis: "The group potential is always far in excess of the simple sum of the attributes of the component individuals". Through various orientations, trainings and practices that have been complimentary to Voice Dialogue, I have also found this to be true.

These orientations and trainings include Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching (ORSC), The Diamond Approach, Family and Organizational Constellations (Bert Hellinger tradition) and Systems Centered Training and Research Institute, Atlanta (SCT). I have been a student of SCT since the beginning of 2011, and have been able to explore in depth their "Theory of Living Human Systems" (THLS). Like Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, Dr Yvonne M. Agazarian, the founder of SCTRI is also an extraordinary insightful and visionary psychologist - together they are definately my three most inspired masters and teachers, solid rocks for the foundation of my professional life as a coach and mentor.

On a personal development level, I would also have to include my teacher in the Diamond Approach over 8 years, Sandra Maitri. Besides being one of the seniors of the Ridwhan School, she is also one of the pioneers of the teaching of the Enneagram., having been a member of the group of Claudio Naranjo when he first introduced the Enneagram to the west in the late Sixities/early Seventies. I include the Ennagram as a tool in my work.

I consider THLS to be a meta theory that embraces, and is congruent with, Voice Dialogue and other teachings I have studied. I will include all my experiential learnings in workshops that I now have in the making.
Basic Voice Dialogue Training(s)
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Voice Dialogue, The Voice Dialogue GroupOslo, Norway09/1997 - 11/199724Liv Dons Samset
Voice Dialogue International TrainingBergen, the Netherlands07/199835 hours - 5 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue, The Spectrum GroupOslo, Norway08/1998 - 05/1999106 hoursSusan Schwartz Senstad
Continuing Voice Dialogue Education*
TitleWhereWhenHours / DaysTeacher(s)
Voice Dialogue, Relationship, and the Psychology of Selves, Level IIAlbion, USA10/199934 hours - 7 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue, Relationship and the Psychology of Selves, Level IIIAlbion, USA10-11/200134 hours - 7 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue, Relationship and the Psychology of Selves, Level IIIAlbion, USA07-08/200236 hours - 7 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone
Voice Dialogue International Spring TrainingBergen, the Netherlands04/200336 hours - 6 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone, Robert Stamboliev
Voice Dialogue International TrainingBergen, the Netherlands06/200542 hours - 6 day intensive trainingHal and Sidra Stone, Robert Stamboliev

* The most recent workshops.


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